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Get Started Coaching Your Kid

How we learn affects almost everything--especially our confidence. Start coaching your kid to more confident learning.

Am I Ready For This?

There are no real requirements for using our resources. However, due to the fact that we will be teaching what, in some cases, is the equivalent of graduate-level content, the following would allow you to feel most comfortable working with us. 

Suggested Qualifications

  • At least 17 years old and a high school graduate

  • Comfortable reading, listening, and learning in English*

  • Coachable and willing to share the ups and downs of the process openly with us so we can provide valid feedback (a lot of what we will teach is trial and error so you'll need to receive and process our feedback in order to succeed)

  • Have a minimum of 15 minutes a day that you can focus on the work required to master our techniques

*All of our courses and resources are in English. We do not currently provide translated versions of any of our products.

How Much Does It Cost?

Site members can access our self-study content for free. Just join the site up at the top of the page and you'll have access to free resources (instructional videos, interactive lessons, printable workbooks, a collection of links to free sites, and more. 

Become a site member and dive right into learning 10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Thinking & Learning.

Happy Kids with Books
Exactly How Does It Work?

We've tried to make getting started as easy as possible.

1. Begin by reading this page thoroughly so you have a strong foundation and can move forward with confidence.

2. Go to the 10 Things page and begin going through the content provided there. Don't move on to subsequent topics until you feel like you have mastered your current one.

3. Get someone to join the fun and work with you. Talk with them about what you're learning and share ideas so you can both make progress faster with your kids.

4. Comment on the Blog. Others will join in. I will join the conversation. You can do this.

What Can I Do Today?

If you're anything like me, you want to get started working with your kid now. There is a lot to learn, discuss, and begin testing out. But, you can get started now using puzzles, scavenger hunts, learning games, and sites with your kiddos--today. Block everything out and engage with them as they learn.

To help you get started, we've curated a collection of free, online resources you can explore with your kid, no matter their age. 

Doing Homework
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